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Where Marlborough and Friends Gather!

The Borough is Kansas City’s first Neighborhood Food Hall, located in the historic Marlborough Village on Paseo. Conceived by long-time Marlborough residents and activists, Rodger Kube and Diane Hershberger, The Borough is all about community in our truly diverse, sometimes quirky, neighborhood.

The Borough is a warm, welcoming place where you will find refreshing food, coffee, conversation, and creativity. It is a place where all people are valued. It’s a place to support local artists, enjoy live music, learn something thought-provoking at a community program, meet neighbors at a pop-up event, or celebrate special occasions with family and friends. It’s also a place to relish quiet times to plan, recharge, or dream. There is even a community table, named “Imagine,” that can be reserved for groups of up to 10 people.

Since the transformation from dairy farms and orchards to an urban residential community beginning in the early 1900’s, Marlborough and its residents have been left with “the short end of the stick” by the economic and social policies of our national and local governments. We’ve set a firm course toward creating a brighter future for Marlborough.  We invite you to participate in our efforts.

The defining characteristics of our mascot, the burro—intelligent, hard-working, protective, resilient, and sometimes stubborn—reflect the best qualities of our diverse neighborhood as it has and will continue to work together to create positive change, equitable economic and social redevelopment, and empowered, hopeful citizens.

Whether you live in Marlborough, work nearby, or just love the energy and determination of a community revitalizing itself with its resident’s needs and desires as priorities, we welcome you to The Borough – our love letter to Marlborough!

Rodger & Diane